Laguiole en Aubrac

Traditional craftsmanship at the highest level! The knives made in Aubrac testify to the highest level of traditional craftsmanship. Each knife bears the bull's head as an unmistakable sign and thus refers to the famous cattle breed native to this area, which also bears the name Aubrac.

Please note: Due to the elaborate individual manufacture of each Laguiole en Aubrac product, delivery times may be longer if we do not have them in stock. Please inquire about product availability beforehand by email to or by phone!

The origin of the Laguiole en Aubrac knives

The ancestor of today's Laguiole knife resembled a Spanish-Arabian knife, the Navaja. Workers who went to Spain in winter brought back this knife as a souvenir. Local cutlers combined the shape of the Navaja with the regional knife, the Capouchadou, and the Laguiole knife was born.

The first "Laguiole" was made of bone or horn (the hardest materials available at the time). You can see how much has changed in the way the materials are used. In the beginning, bone and horn were mainly used for processing, but today, among other things, fine woods from all over the world are used. Instead of ivory, mammoth ivory is used today to protect the living animals.

The craftsmen let your imagination run wild and create completely new material combinations and fine decorations. One can sometimes even speak of jewelry when considering the use of silver and gold.

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