Wüsthof - Made in Germany - Solingen

WÜSTHOF knives are high-quality, top-class products, which are made with great diligence right down to the last detail. Knives, which are enjoyable to use and make food preparation a culinary pleasure in itself. The knife ranges have various handle designs to suit individual tastes and requirements in terms of ergonomics.

Wüsthof  – SINCE 1814

Large parts of Europe were still under the grip of the Napoleonic Wars when Johann Abraham Wüsthof founded his “Shears Factory, Steel and Iron Works” in 1814. Calling it a factory was optimistic: day in and day out, our company founder toiled away in an underground cellar, making scissors. Yet Johann Wüsthof's optimism was soon to pay off. Over the years, the company grew and gained greater recognition -- thanks in part to Wüsthof's three sons, who all learned their father’s trade.