Le Creuset - Set Activ-ball Metal GS-300 with Foilcutter

Le Creuset - Set Activ-ball Metal GS-300 with Foilcutter - The Activ-Ball® brings a new level of simplicity to opening your wine.


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Product number: 9091
Manufacturer: Le Creuset
Manufacturer number: 59082013009261, 49809003220002
Product information "Le Creuset - Set Activ-ball Metal GS-300 with Foilcutter"

This set features a pair of true wine essentials - the Activ-Ball TM-200 corkscrew and a foilcutter - perfectly matched to complement Le Creuset's color palette.


  • TM-200 corkscrew and Foilcutter
  • Flexible body for easy positioning on all bottles
  • Simply turn the handle counterclockwise to push the cork off the screw
  • Foilcutter gives clean cuts with a gentle twist

The first self-pulling metal corkscrew from Screwpull. Maintains the ease of Activ-Ball® technology by incorporating a unique internal flex system, which grips the bottle neck in just the right place.

The Activ-Ball® range of corkscrews brings a new level of simplicity to opening your wine. The patented corkscrew removes the cork from the bottle, then the red ball - the Activ-Ball® - pushes it right back off the screw. No more twisting or pulling!! Designed for use on flange-top bottles as well as standard bottle necks

Before using any corkscrew, always read the appropriate instructions for your model. Remove any foil covering the cork, and check that the neck and rim of the bottle are free from chips and cracks that could weaken the bottle. When opening, hold the bottle on a solid, level surface. Handle the corkscrew with care, as the tip of the screw is sharp. Ensure that the corkscrew is seated squarely on the neck of the bottle before using.

Lever model corkscrews are not suitable for opening sparkling wines such as Prosecco and Champagne, and are not designed to replace corks in opened bottles. For old, fragile, brittle or broken corks we suggest using a two-prong Butler’s Friend.

Synthetic Corks

Most Le Creuset lever model corkscrews are designed to work well with modern synthetic corks. However, with older lever corkscrews, synthetic corks may become stuck on the screw and jam the mechanism. If the cork becomes stuck on the corkscrew it can be removed by carefully twisting it off with your fingers. Use caution when doing this, as even the tip of a worn corkscrew will be sharp.

Replacing the Screw

Lever model corkscrews are finished with a special coating designed to make cork removal easy. If the coated screw starts to show signs of wear or becomes difficult to use, consider replacing the screw. To find the right replacement screw and instructions on how to change it, please refer to the instruction guide for that model.

Generally a worn screw is replaced by unscrewing the protective chrome cap above the worn screw, removing the screw, and inserting the new screw and replacing the protective cap.

Cleaning and care

The point of the screw is very sharp-handle it with care.

Lever model corkscrews are not dishwashwer-safe. We recommend cleaning corkscrews occasionally using a damp cloth or warm, soapy water to remove wine deposits and any particles of cork that may accumulate. Dry well after washing and store in a dry place to avoid corrosion on metal components. Do not use lubricants on your lever model corkscrew.

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