Mepal was founded in 1950, and in 2020 they celebrated their 70th anniversary. From the beginning, Mepal has produced thoughtful plastic products for food and beverages. And always their products take part in the small and big moments of life. Mepal just offers solutions for every moment of life.

A little more conscious together

Nowadays, disposable and throwaway products are no longer in keeping with the times. That's why it has always been important to Mepal that things are durable. And they already take this into account in the development phase of their products.

A sustainable alternative
Most of Mepal's products are made of 100% recyclable plastic. This is robust, impact-resistant and durable. So, goodbye to drinking bottles and lunch bags made of disposable plastic and welcome years of enjoyment from Mepal's reusable drinking bottles and lunch boxes!

Timeless design
The product developers at Mepal don't think too much of fads that become a thing of the past after just one year. They prefer to design products of timeless beauty. And this in terms of form, function and color. Take a look at the Modula series, for example: An already legendary product line for storage boxes, whose origins date back to 1967.
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